AVG Internet Security 2016 Activator

AVG Internet Security 2016

AVG Internet security is

best for you and it is the antivirus which fully protects your privacy. The software is very advanced and filled with all the features one can look for. The software is compatible with the newly released Windows 10 as well. You can easily get your safety and privacy with this software that too free of cost.

Features of AVG Internet Security:

The antivirus is also included in it which can easily stop , remove and prevent the system from this type of things including viruses, trojans, and worms. Hence the system is protected.Remove all type of malware from the system and help the user from everything that is harmful to the computer.



Your computer is fully protected from all type of hackers making sure there is no rootkit in the computer and giving full control to you, not to the hackers.

New Email Scanner:

Infected attachments looking for your PC are surely blocked with this AVG Internet Security.A scanner keeps you safe from all types of spamming emails and scans your POP3, SMTP, and IMPA accounts completely.

Cloud Protective Technology:

The software is automatically updated and detects all the threats from the cloud as well and keeps you safe.

Community Protection:

A better and secure environment for the whole AVG community. Any threat detected new is included in the protection list of every user.

Link Scanner Included:

Criminal and infected sites are blocked by this AVG Smart Security. It checks the links yu click and instantly informs you if they are infected.

Social Network Protection:

Even when you are on social networks your all the links are checked which you are exchanging e.g while you are on Facebook or Twitter. This keeps you and your friends safe.

Online Shield:

The files you are downloading from the internet are checked and made sure that they are completely safe. It even protects you when you are exchanging files on MSN and Yahoo.

Outbreak Detection In real-time:

The software uses the artificial intelligence to identify the malware samples that are still not in the threat zone of AVG and made them the part of Antivirus.this helps to keep all the users safe from new viruses.

New AI Detection:

Well new AI detection is introduced in this version which makes sure that even the new malware threats re-detected and dealt simultaneously. This crowd intelligence is included in the cloud-based system.

File Shredder :

Well with the advancement of technology now even hackers can recover the files which you have deleted from you recycle bin as well. The file shredder securely deletes the files to prevent all types of unauthorized recovery by anyone.

Keeps Your Data Safe:

You’re all the valuable documents are saved and kept away from any type of encryption. A password protected virtual disk is created on your PC which keeps all these files safe.

AVG Identity Protection:

The behavior of a software is determined in real time to see whether its safe or not. The program helps you against the programs that can steal your passwords or account information even the bank details are protected. All the other digital valuable things are also protected.

Anti-Spyware included:

There are adware and spyware that tracks your personal information but this software keeps you safe from this type of threat.

WiFi Protection:

This also keeps you protected from all types of rogue WiFi trying to connect to your computer and inform you of time about them.

TurboScan :

This scan shortens the time of scan dramatically and it also saves and scans the files as they are stored on the hard drive.Game Mode Protection:

Game Mode Protection:This also provides you protection while you are playing games and keeps your game and gaming information protected from the hackers.

This also provides you protection while you are playing games and keeps your game and gaming information protected from the hackers.

Well, lads, the above features are enough to prove that the software is best available in the market for your security and gives you a smart security with the help of AVG. There is 24/7 live support by the program for the user and their updates are also given to all the users.Which makes sure you are completely secure.

Download AVG Internet Security 2016 Activator

AVG Internet Security 2016 Activator


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