Abbey Road Studios CFX

 Abbey Road Studios CFX

Abbey Road Studios CFX

Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano recorded at Abbey Road StudiosRecorded in Abbey Road Studio One by award-winning engineers using the world´s finest microphones and equipment, the nine foot Yamaha CFX Concert Grand is one of the newest pianos at Abbey Road Studios and is characterised by a wide palette of tonal colours and the ability to create the most subtle expressive nuances.This is the only virtual instrument featuring the Yamaha CFX grand piano and the only virtual piano recorded in Abbey Road Studio One.Garritan Abbey Road CFX Concert Grand provides users with three discrete microphone perspectives:Classic – captures the natural tonal character, clarity and nuance of the CFX.Contemporary – produces a bright and brilliant sound with definitive attack from the hammers Player – delivers the unique experience of playing from the piano bench in Studio One.More information on these perspectives and the microphones used to capture them can be found below.

The CFX Concert Grand

includes the powerful ARIA player, and is designed to be a perfect addition to music notation based programs, like Finale, as well as to all sequencers and digital audio workstations.This product ships on a USB flash drive in a special edition box complete with a full-colour booklet about the piano and the recording processes and equipment used.There are 2 installation configurations to choose from (both versions on the same flash drive):Full: all three perspectives at their “full-fat size”.Compact: again, all three perspectives, but with a “lighter” design for smaller drives (laptop SSDs) and more compact systems.The Full version will take approx 150GB of drive space and the Compact version will take around 36GB.The full installation requires around 122 GB of free hard drive space but there is also the option of a 24.5 GB ‘compact’ install; but surely a quality product of this nature cries out for the full edition. For such a large virtual piano, installing the Garritan CFX could not be simpler.

Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand Patch



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