TamoSoft CommView for WiFi 7 + Patch

TamoSoft CommView for WiFi 7

TamoSoft CommView for WiFi 7

Final Release is a professional network monitoring network software designed for LAN administrators, security professionals, network developers and all those involved in the trafficking and maintenance network. It is very useful for analyzing network packets on LAN 802.11 a / n WiFi network information verification / b / g and highlighted on the status of the LAN (Local Area Network) and the available connections, devices connected to a network, assigned IP lists, and allows LAN configurations.

CommView for WiFi 7

with an interface that is designed to allow complete use of the product by anyone, without having to be an engineer to use the system. You can decrypt packets with the WEP encryption key or WPA-PSK and decryption at the lowest level with a full analysis of common protocols. There is full access to the data. The captured packets may be retrieved from the file until the next analysis. It acts as a wireless sniffer that this application will capture packets that are in networks and analyze them to verify their status.

TamoSoft CommView for WiFi 7

CommView 7

comes in two separate editions, the first is for Ethernet networks, and as we speak (CommView for WiFi 7 crack) is 802.11. Between LAN status information that the user will get is to detect the LAN IP, MAC address, subnet mask and DHCP IP Pool. You may access the writing LAN IP in the browser, but this program shows detailed information on the state of the Internet.
– Get LAN status information as a list of packets and network connections, vital statistics, protocol distribution boards
– Browse captured and decoded packets in real time and reconstruct TCP sessions
– Leave a VoIP analyzer for analysis, recording and playback of SIP and H.323 voice deep
– Configure alarms that can notify you about important events, such as suspicious packets, bandwidth utilization, unknown addresses, events etc.

Download TamoSoft CommView for WiFi 7 + Patch

TamoSoft CommView for WiFi 7


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