UltraMixer 5 Professional Cracked For Windows

UltraMixer 5 Professional Crack

UltraMixer 5

is a software DJ Professional that you can use to edit your songs like; You can add effects to your songs, change the tone, set the tempo of the music and many others.

UltraMixer Pro 5

Entertain is the most versatile DJ software on the market.With the live text function, it is possible to type shout outs or information about the event over the shown images or videos. Another entertainment feature in UltraMixer 5 Pro Entertain is the possibility to display photos and slideshows along with the music.You can film your audience with a webcam and show them with cool effects on big screen (Canvas or Flatscreen). Using the Remote Apps UltraMixer you can control UltraMixer via Smartphone.With this feature have the opportunity to work closer to your audience. In the Mixing corner you will find real time effects (cutoff, resonance, flanger), the integrated 16-channel sampler, the unique 31-band equalizer, auto sync features, smart looping for remixing and Hot Cue buttons, which is basically everything you need as a mobile dj to remix or blend your tracks live.

UltraMixer 5 Professional Crack

“UltraMixer 5 Pro” can be easily controlled with mouse & keyboard or all popular MIDI DJ controllers. The Professional version of UltraMixer 5 supports more than 50 hardware controllers. More are being added and with the integration of a MIDI mapper, it is also possible to create your own MIDI mappings. Through the graphical waveform and beat matching the semi-automatic or full-automatic synchronization of two music tracks is a breeze. The AGC function (automatic gain control) ensures an auto approximation of the volume of the music track in real time. “UltraMixer 5 Professional” is a comprehensive “entertainment solution” for the modern mobile DJ – The “mobile DJ 2.0“.

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UltraMixer 5 Professional Crack

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UltraMixer 5 Professional Crack


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