Word Password Unlocker

Word Password Unlocker

Word Password Unlocker

Forgot the passwords to open your Microsoft Word documents?

Word Password Unlocker is an efficient Word password recovery tool to recover MS Word 97-2010 password through Brute-force attack, Brute-attack with Mask attack and Dictionary attack.

Support MS Word 2010 password recovery
Support GPU and multi-core CPU acceleration
Recover faster using advanced SSE technology
Stop and resume Word password recovery anytime
100% secure without any data loss or damage
Easy to use for everyone, only a few clicks required

Word Password Unlocker is a brute-force password recovery tool for encrypted Word document files. The brute-force approach implies that the program generates many passwords and tries to unlock the file with each of them until one works.Because there are many possible combinations, it takes a very long time to find a match (if it does ever find it). For this reason, the application can save progress and continue where it left off some other day. In addition, dictionaries or masks can be used in the recovery process. In setting up a mask you can declare the minimum and maximum number of characters, the case of the letters, if numbers and symbols are included, define a custom character set, etc. This greatly reduces the number of combinations that have to be generated so it also reduces the time needed to try all of them. Of course, this time greatly depends on the processing power of your computer too.For this review, the program has been tested to see if it can recover a two-letter password. It passed. A screenshot of the result is included.The trial version of this software comes with two limitations: it recovers passwords of maximum three characters and doesn’t support dictionary attacks.

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